Edible Hearts

from by Two Cats & Bliss



there's nothing quiet like being this young,
quitting cigarettes because I'm sick at twenty one,
smoking dope with my best friend and lover,
because life is life and it makes me shudder,
I escape so well and live so fast,
it's a wonder I'm not hoisted up in a ships mast,
sailing further 'n further into a darker blue,
where I could maybe possibly perhaps find you,
that metaphorical being that intertwines with my soul,
as the blue grows darker the ships men fall,
see how my mind wanders with inane words,
mumble and jumble of sadness, cats and birds,
it's words to a rhythm,
and a pen to a page,
a voice to an audience,
a feeling to embrace.

There's the unease,
the breeze, it's seize,
weeping winds, consuming trees,
look to any God to please,
but for you, this words, I deem,
Have you ever lived a day in the life of yourself?
have you lived a day when you didn't damage your health?
is everything around you falling apart?
did some dickhead break your heart?
I've got chocolate Jesus, and Buddha too,
an edible heart for me and you.

I've sang about love, drugs and heartbreak too,
the times of shadow, and the way we unglued,
but what does happiness these days even mean,
if the grass doesn't grow anymore green,
than the days before I grew up to be like this,
I remember when me and my friends could just take the piss,
out of one another, now your minds a gutter,
trading days for pay, there's no other way,
but I still try, to get by,
music and life still get me high


from Shitty Old Demo, released January 6, 2011



all rights reserved


Two Cats & Bliss Australia

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