I'm The Angels Cake

from by Two Cats & Bliss



& I tried to love a few girls,
& now I love a girl far away,
& I tried to love a few boys,
at the end of the day,
I'm just not that gay.

now I'm learning to love myself,
and people are getting in the way,
but I'm ignoring all the pessimism,
of the image I'm forced to portray.

absence makes the heart grow smaller,
bad news travels fast,
people are becoming really mean,
the world should be,

Because the stage is large,
the people small,
everyone's mouths fumble for space,
& I'm so god damned,
out of place.

your eyes look so bored,
since what they used to be,
little bursts of fucking sunset,
thanks to my chivalry.

you've been high most of the year,
and it's starting to show,
yet hope springs eternal,
but your face has lost its glow.

and in the fall of last years Christmas,
I felt real alone,
I'd whinge and write and binge and sleep,
I was an apathetic drone.

but in the first week of College,
I wrote how mighty oaks from acorns grow,
and my teacher praised me highly,
it was that moment I let go,

of all the things troubling me,
I knew myself to be sure,
love is not eternal,
don't let it sound so obscure.

people leave, the seasons change,
it's all so cliche,
whom the Gods love die so young,
so only for rest do I pray.

I've read a thousand words in a thousand books,
I've learn sadness makes the best hooks,
your self diagnosis syndrome is a curse,
your obsession with being unhealthy,
it's getting perverse,
so I'll dismiss your final kiss,
and wait for my heart to drink its fill of bliss,
and no longer dwell on this,
what can't be cured must be endured.

But frankly my dear you are a fucking snake,
and I relish in my beauty,
i am the angels cake.


from Shitty Old Demo, released January 6, 2011



all rights reserved


Two Cats & Bliss Australia

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